Online Consultation

Our Team can provide Online Consultation in the following languages in addition to English and Hindi -

  • Dr. Mehak - Kannada, Bengali and Tamil.
  • Dr. Shyam - Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali and Kannada.
  • Dr. Shouvanik Satpathy - Bengali (Bangla)


We provide the following services

  1. Text/Email Consultation (English only)
  2. Phone Consultation
  3. Video Consultation

For online consultation please write to us at

Use the following format-


Name of the patient

Age and Sex

Health Query in short

Email ID for communication

Name of preferred doctor for consultation

Mode of consultation - Text / Phone / Video

Once we receive your email in the above format, we shall reply to you with the following-

  • Patient information form - this form will seek details regarding the current ailment, past history, medical history, tests, investigations, etc
  • Consultation payment details - this will include the consultation fee for the mode you selected and the ways in which you can send us the payment