Tonsillitis in Children

Tonsillitis is the infection of tonsils. Tonsils are pads of lymph tissue in the upper part of throat. Tonsillitis is caused by bacteria and viruses. It produces throat pain, difficulty in swallowing, fever, weakness and cough. The treatment consists of appropriate antibiotics (in the case of bacterial tonsillitis), pain killers and supportive measures. Because tonsillitis … Continue reading Tonsillitis in Children

Difficulty in Swallowing

Dysphagia can occur to anybody of any age group. Difficulty in swallowing is known as dysphagia in medical parlance. Swallowing seems very simple but, it's actually a very complicated process in our body. It's controlled by many muscles and nerves, of mouth, throat and food pipe. Finally, our brain further controls these nerves and muscles. … Continue reading Difficulty in Swallowing

Earache in Kids

Children frequently complain of  earache. In ENT practice, earache is the most common presenting complaint in kids. It can be mild in some while in others it can be severe and excruciating. How to know if your kid has earache? Your kid may have ear pain if he Points to his ear repeatedly Pulls his … Continue reading Earache in Kids

Child wearing hearing aid

Choosing a Hearing Aid

Choosing a hearing aid is not easy. Picking the model and make of hearing aid involves a lot of considerations. But before we venture into that, let us have a look at what are Hearing Aids indeed. These are electrical devices which amplify sound reaching the ear. They help those with hearing loss hear better … Continue reading Choosing a Hearing Aid