Survival of THE FITTEST

This phrase, survival of the fittest, is the most famous one in evolution and a corollary from the Darwinian Evolution theory. The fittest would mean the one with the best reproductive capacity (as in to perpetuate your own kind, not just the sex!). The form of life that would produce plenty of copies of itself … Continue reading Survival of THE FITTEST

Runny Nose

Runny nose means fluid coming out of your nasal passages. Stuffy nose refers to obstruction of the nasal passages. Runny and stuffy nose can be symptoms of the same underlying problem. They may present alternatively. They signify some form of inflammation and thickening of the lining of the nasal and sinus walls. The drainage from … Continue reading Runny Nose

Discharge from right ear

Ear Discharge

Ear discharge or otorrhea means fluid coming out of the ears. The most common cause of ear discharge is drainage of the ear wax which is a natural mechanism of our ear canal to get rid of foreign bodies, dust and microorganism. A ruptured ear drum or a canal infection can cause ear discharge. The … Continue reading Ear Discharge

Nose Bleed

Nose and the adjacent areas of face are richly supplied by blood. Consequently, nose bleed is one of the most common complaints of patients coming to us. Almost 60% of all individuals experience such a bleed once in their life time. There is slight preponderance to children and the elderly. Common Reasons for Nose Bleeds: … Continue reading Nose Bleed

Virus and the new normal

COVID-19 lockdown and the New Normal

Will we ever be able to go back to 'normal'? The normal where we wake up, get ready, go to office, attend meetings, make presentations, talk to a group of people, get back home, plan a holiday, visit a relative, eat out, party and so on. The normal where we have a routine every day. … Continue reading COVID-19 lockdown and the New Normal